16Brand Fingerpens and Gangstatt

On March 16, 2015, Chosungah launched their new line, called 16Brand.  16Brand has a little less in the way of skincare than the other Chosungah lines (Chosungah22 and Original Raw are the lines I’m familiar with), but has a number of makeup products already.  I got three Fingerpens and one Gangstatt from their line – all four of which are lip products.

The 16Brand Fingerpens are cushion pen-style lip and cheek tints. They have a button on the bottom that clicks the product up into a cushioned tip.  I ordered three of them: FA04 Acai Berry, FA03 Orange, and FS01 Orange Pink.


They come in a black box with white writing. The top of the boxes are starred and labeled with the color name, which is helpful because the color on the pen isn’t necessarily the color of the lip tint.


The pen, like I said before, has a cushion tip, and you click the bottom of the pen to push the product up to it.  The cushion itself is fairly firm, not particularly squashy, which is what I would prefer for ease of application – squishy applicators mean it’s more likely that your product will smear or that you won’t get a precise line.


Like I noted above, I got three fingerpens.  Here are some forearm swatches of how they look:


These swatches were made with one click of then pen each, and then a swipe back and forth in a line on my forearm.  Although I didn’t leave them to set for a particularly long time (maybe 5 minutes tops), when I went to wash my arm off afterwards, they left a faint but distinct stain behind.


Obviously the darker colors left a darker stain behind, and the really light color on the right is almost gone, but there is still a faint stain there. That lighter color might actually be my favorite of the bunch.

The reason that I’m putting up these arm swatches, and will probably continue to do so, is that my lips are pretty pigmented, so how lip products look on my lips may be very different than the results you get. I figure adding arm swatches will give you more perspective on the product’s color.

Here’s how they look on my lips.  This is one coat of each color.  These are fairly easy to layer if you want more color, although I’d recommend waiting for the first pass to dry down pretty well before you add another layer of product on.

Fingerpen Collage

I was actually really surprised about how the colors turned out – they were not like the advertisements on the 16Brand website. For example, here’s one of their ads for the Acai Berry fingerpen:


So, yeah.  Not even a little. Part of that, I’m sure, is due to my lip pigmentation, which I mentioned earlier – you can tell because the swatch on my arm is closer in tone to the ad than the lip swatch.  The rest of it I’m at a loss to explain.  The Acai Berry was the worst offender – the 16Brand ad for the Orange Pink color was actually fairly accurate (the model is just wearing multiple layers of the product), and the Orange ad is much more neon than the results I got, but otherwise similar (again, taking layering into effect).

Now that we’ve covered the fact that the colors in the ads aren’t quite there, let’s go on to a wear test.

I applied one coat of the Acai Berry color at around 8:30 AM, and wore it comfortably. The product never really feels like it ‘dries down’ completely, and it will transfer a tiny bit, but it stays put pretty well and didn’t crease or get patchy or weird.  My lips were actually a little dried out that day, thanks to the change in weather (I can’t decide whether I’m happy or sad that it’s fall now), and the stain didn’t dry my lips out any more than they already were.  It didn’t really moisturize either, but since most lip stains are really pretty drying I’m calling this a win. About an hour and a half later, I checked to see what was going on in a window on my way to another office, and everything was still there.  I stopped in a bathroom and applied a second coat of product to darken it up a little, and kept waiting. The color went strong until about 12:15, and even after lunch I still had a faint stain left, although it was pretty hard to notice. If I hadn’t eaten, the color would have lasted significantly longer.

I think the Fingerpens are a decent product – but given that I clearly can’t trust the advertising about what the colors actually are, I’m really unlikely to buy any more of them.  I’m also really not pumped about the price (18,000 KRW).

Let’s move on to the next product, then.

The Gangstatts are marker tip lip stains.  They come in the same packaging as the fingerpens, but are shorter.gangstatt_box

The marker tip is a really nice fine point, and it’s fairly stiff, which makes precise application easier.   The Gangstatts are currently only available in three colors: Red, Orange, and Pink.  I switched it up and got the pink shade.


The pen itself is very pigmented.  Here’s what a swipe looks like on my forearm:


And here’s what it looks like after sitting there for less than a minute, and then being immersed in running water and rubbed dry.


That’s some staying power.  I appreciate it.  I applied the Gangstatt all over my lips, with one coat. Then I went and played some video games.  Then I took a shower.  Then I went to bed. (I’m living a really exciting life, guys.) When I woke up in the morning, the stain was still there.  It wasn’t as bright as it was before, but it was a nice, vivid pink.  It didn’t go away until I ate lunch, which was fairly greasy (pizza).  You would likely be able to remove this stain with an oil cleanser and some work, but it’s pretty tenacious stuff.

The fact that the Gangstatt has a marker tip that’s fairly easy to use also makes it nice for creating a gradient lip look.

Gangstatt Collage

16Brand is still fairly small, so it’s only available for purchase through their website, 16Brand.com, and through TesterKorea.  I got my products, like I mentioned above, through Dowaja’s buying service.  The Fingerpens retail for 18,000 KRW, and the Gangstatt retail for 16,000 KRW.

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