BvZ Twitch Stream – Until Dawn

Hey everyone!

Although the name of this blog is Beauty Versus Zombies, there hasn’t been a whole lot of survival horror content lately, has there?  Sorry about that.  I’ll get right on it.

In fact, in today’s mail I’m expecting my own shiny copy of this: until_dawn

Yeeeeeeeah!  And it was an online pre-order as well, so I also get the bonus chapter.

You can find Kotaku’s review of Until Dawn here, Game Informer’s here, and IGN’s here. Spoiler: they all think we should play it. And since I was a huge fan of Heavy Rain, and I like games where I can gleefully play with the characters’ minds, what’s not to love about this?

Since I’m so pumped about this game, and also because I know some of you folks are just as excited about survival horror (and heck, call a spade a spade, cheesy B-movie crap horror) as I am, I’m going to be streaming my first playthrough of this video game on my Twitch channel, which is here.   Be prepared to watch me totally stink up this game!

Although I plan to start playing at around 5:30 p.m. CST, it’s unlikely that I’ll get through the whole game in one night.  I’ll do my best to play every day around the same time until we’re all the way through (and who knows? Maybe we’ll go for a re-play to be really mean to some of the characters).

Here’s hoping we survive!



Edit:  5:57 PM.  Thanks to Comcast’s crappy router, my PS4 is refusing to upload a stream. I’ll try to upload segments for you all to watch as soon as I can!  If the internet still isn’t cooperating we’ll have to work something else out!  Sorry all. 

Edit 2: 6:16 PM. We’re back up and live! Sorry again for the delay.



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