I’m K-Pop Trash and Colourpop Is Here For It

Hello, everyone! I’ve been on (what I’m going to call) an extended hiatus with this blog while I’ve been working through some life things in meatspace.  As you can celarly tell from the lack of updates here, I just haven’t Continue reading I’m K-Pop Trash and Colourpop Is Here For It

Deluxe Sample Mini-Reviews, Part 1

One of the side effects of purchasing a lot of stuff, whether that’s for blogging purpose or otherwise, is you end up with a lot of “extras”.  I consistently have at least 500 points in my Sephora Beauty Insider account, Continue reading Deluxe Sample Mini-Reviews, Part 1

Innisfree My Cushion Comparisons

It’s Innisfree My Cushion time! I really like cushions.  Up to this point I had never purchased an Innisfree cushion for myself, but one of my friends online sent me  a refill of the Ampoule Intense cushion in some number I Continue reading Innisfree My Cushion Comparisons

Stash Shop Swatches – Foundation

I haven’t been purchasing a whole lot of stuff lately, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have anything up my sleeve.  In fact, I have a whole bunch of stuff that either I’ve had for long enough that I haven’t Continue reading Stash Shop Swatches – Foundation