Entertaining Moments in Horror Gaming

I totally play horror games because they make me feel safe and loved inside.

…seriously, though, it’s because watching people fall over or shriek is hilarious, and it’s only slightly less funny when I’m the one doing it.   But it’s also amazing the intricate stuff you can find in horror games that people don’t necessarily expect.  Here are some of my favorite moments in horror video gaming:

(none of these videos are mine, by the way.  I just attempt to find you quality entertainment)

5. The up-the-stairs head roll from Fatal Frame.

I can’t find a good video for this just yet, but during First Night, right outside the Fish Tank Room (oh man I hate that room so bad it’s unreal) there’s a female head that rolls up the dang stairs. UP THE STAIRS.  It would have been bad enough to see a severed head roll down the stairs, but NO.  We had to add DEFYING GRAVITY too.  Seriously, you jerks. What the hell?

Here’s a crappy view of it. The fun starts at about 0:18 and lasts for literally about two seconds.  For some reason I can’t embed the video directly, but here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcGCSaAYCyU

4.  The dog scene from Resident Evil 1.

I played this game for the first time when I was in middle school. (Yes, I’m old.)  It was the first horror game I’d ever played, and my best friend and I were super pumped.  And then this happened, and we peed ourselves a little.   Like you do.

3. Let’s be real. Any of the sanity effects in Eternal Darkness.  I don’t know why this game doesn’t get more love.  For one, it’s Lovecraft. And it screws with you!

2.  That damn window child from Fatal Frame (there’s a couple of them to pick from):

When my now-roommate and I were just dorm-mates, back in college, I left her alone playing this game for less than five minutes. When I came back from the bathroom, she had triggered this scene and had LITERALLY FALLEN OFF OF MY COUCH onto the floor.

… we still talk about it.

And my favorite moment in horror gaming:
1.  Leaving Lisa behind in Silent Hill 1.

It’s just so damn sad.  I love you, Lisa. But you’re all messed up.

You have to get past the blocky graphics in the beginning (come on, man, the game is super old by gaming standards. It’s a PS1 game!) but I think it’s awesome.  In fact, it’s my favorite gaming moment of all time.  Don’t you judge me.

Game on!

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