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I’ve been playing with makeup for a long time – long enough to have forgotten where I learned some things.  Of course, one of the things I do know is that we never stop learning, and that beauty trends are always changing, so there’s always something new to see or do.

Here is where I’m going to list some things that you might find helpful.  These are YouTube videos and other online resources.  I didn’t make these (obviously) but I’ve found them useful.


Lisa Eldridge’s facial massage routine

SkinandTonics Guide to Asian Skin Care

SkinandTonics Guide to acids, pH, and repairing the moisture barrier

SnowWhiteandtheAsianPear’s Guide to putting your products in order

How to clear out your pores (temporarily) from 50 Shades of Snail

A visual guide to the Korean skincare routine from Tracy at Fanserviced


Gender neutral advice:

Choosing the right shade of bronzer and applying it – Lisa Eldridge

Using liquid blush – Lisa Eldridge

Using cream blush – Makeup Geek (application tips start at 3:08)

Dealing with undereye circles and undereye puffiness – Lisa Eldridge

Choosing a blush for your skin tone – Wayne Goss

The types of eye shapes and choosing liner for your eye shape – Wayne Goss

How to contour for your face shape – Pixiwoo

Color correction, hiding blemishes and skin imperfections – Pixiwoo

Matching lipstick to eyeshadow color – Makeup Geek


For ladies or people who are female-presenting:

How to apply individual false lashes – Lisa Eldridge

And whole sets of false lashes – Lisa Eldridge

A look to cover redness and rosacea – Lisa Eldridge

Igari (hangover) makeup – SoYoung’s Beauty Room.  (For those who are confused, Igari is a Japanese cosmetic trend that’s made appearances on the NYFW runways for Spring 2016.) (in Korean, with English subtitles)

For guys or people who are male-presenting:

Korean Idol makeup – Ivan Lam

and another on the same subject – Jung Saem Mool (in Korean, with English subtitles)

Boyband makeup – Jung Saem Mool (in Korean, with English subtitles)

After School Beauty Bible’s Man Makeover (in Korean, with English subtitles)

Male idol makeup – Ssin – Jimin from BTS and Song Mino from WINNER (in Korean, with English subtitles)

Drag Tutorials:

Willam from RuPaul’s Drag Race “dirty sunset” makeup tutorial  (WARNING: Willam has a filthy mouth.  If you don’t like cussing or sarcasm or really shady humor this video, and Willam in general, is not for you)

Courtney Act from RuPaul’s Drag Race and Australian Idol natural drag makeup tutorial

Jacob’s Beginner’s Drag tutorial

Gluing down brows by Joseph Harwood.  Joseph actually has a number of tutorials on his channel, including contouring and covering five o’clock shadow.


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  1. Just the fact that you have divided the resources into categories with consideration of trans/non-binary readers is enough to make me cry tears of joy! Definitely following this blog from now on!

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