Memebox Double Unboxing: Night/Pore Care

I got a weird text message at work the other day.  It was from  DHL, telling me that my package was almost here, and by the way you’ll need to sign for it or come pick it up!

WTF, I thought.  I never ordered anything from DHL! And how did they get my number to text me?  I looked up the routing number they gave me and saw that the package had originated in Seoul.  Weird.  I never paid anyone for DHL shipping. I’m way too cheap for that.  I wonder what it is?

Turns out that, since Superboxes 13 and 14 shipped out on the same day, and I had ordered both of them, Memebox upgraded my shipping for free.  That’s freakin’ awesome. I actually got the text notification from DHL before I got my shipping notice from Memebox.  That’s how quick it was.

Both packages arrived in the customary pink boxes.  I will spare you a duplicative photo.

Here’s what’s in the Night Care box, along with my initial impressions and thoughts:

1.  Pure Label Waterdrop Sleeping Mask Pomegranate.

“It’s a facial treatment to address exhausted and dull skin that improves skin quality for a brighter and more luminous complexion. This overnight facial-in-a-bottle is a breakthrough in beauty sleep because it includes a moisturizing agent and stabilized vitamin E which shows instant results to reveal a brighter, more even-toned, and exceptionally radiant skin.”

I’ve never used a sleeping pack before, and I’ve always been kind of interested. (On the other hand, I don’t want goo all over my pillowcase in the morning.  I’m not quite sure how to reconcile these two things.)  This is a faintly pink, gel consistency product.  It smells kind of like I imagine a pomegranate cough drop would.  It feels cooling on my hand.
A check on COSDNA (I had to enter the ingredients myself, although they are in English on the side of the box so it wasn’t that difficult)) indicates that this product has some stuff in it that might not be so awesome.   Dimethicone and Butylene Glycol are both potential acne triggers (although they are both listed at level 1 out of 5, so I guess they’re not too too bad), and it does contain both parabens, pigments, and fragrance.   You can see the full ingredient analysis here.
I like to think that my skin is fairly sturdy in terms of not being particularly prone to rashes or sensitivity, so I’ll probably try this sleeping pack at least once, but even a whiff of skin trouble afterwards and it’s adios for this.
Next product: Secret Key Angel Mist Wrap Steam Cream.
“This gentle formula supports nighttime renewal to retexturize and moisturize the skin, as it plumps the appearance of fine lines and evens skin tone. It contains vitamin A, vitamin E and other skin brightening agents that repairs skin overnight to reveal a well rested look. With regular use, skin becomes noticeably smoother, lines are visibly softened, and your rosy glow is restored.”
This product does not come with a spatula. Boo!

This cream is not fooling around.  It’s stiffer than a water-based or gel-textured cream, and it has a pleasant lotiony scent.  It feels like it might be too heavy for my oily skin, but I’ll test it out and see what happens.  I’m not happy with my night cream right now.

Product Three: Derma House Micro Pearl Skin Scaling Cream.
That sounds kind of like something you would use on your feet.  Anyway.  “Give yourself an at home facial with this Micro Pearl Skin Scaling Cream. Pearl powder and natural plant extracts in the formula will remove impurities and gently take away dead skin cells to clear clogged pores, even out and brighten skin tone to reveal a luminous complexion.”
It’s a wee little tub.  It also doesn’t come with a spatula. Seriously, guys. WTF?

It’s a lavendered blue with a gritty texture.  Like the steam cream above, the ingredient list is all in Korean, and my translating skills are not up to par, so I’ll have to leave it for an expert.  This product is meant to be used once a week.  It looks like a nice manual exfoliator.  I’ve been using chemical exfoliators myself but it might be nice to try this scrub out.

Product Four: Calmia Silky Perfect Foot Peeling.
“This silky foot peeling kit will soothe calloused and cracked feet, remove any unwanted odors and moisturize heels and cuticles to reveal soft and youthful feet.”
Guys, I am so excited for this.  I’ve been reading all over the internets about these wacky things. The big bag on the left is a pair of booties. You stick a foot in each, then dump one packet in with each foot, and then leave it overnight (or at least an hour or so), and then all the dead skin peels off like you’re a snake shedding.  That is simultaneously SUPER NASTY and AWESOME.  I can’t wait. The only reasons I didn’t do it last night are a) how nasty would it be to go to my Zumba class with peeling feet? and b) I wanted to make sure there would be pictures for this blog.
The last item in the Night Care Superbox is Beausella Wrinkle Solution Placenta Eye Cream.
“This advanced placenta treatment addresses signs of aging in the eye area, including inner corner creases, under eye wrinkles, crow’s feet, lid creases, and under eye vertical lines as well as wrinkles in the mouth region.  The Beausella Wrinkle Solution Placenta Eye Cream’s signature ingredients prevent future wrinkles and repairs existing wrinkles.”
Advanced placenta treatment.  Not your crappy regular placenta treatment.

This is a white, semi-watery cream that seems like it would go on nicely over the thin skin under the eye.  I don’t have under eye wrinkles really, and I’m still trying out my new Dr. Jart eye cream from Luckybox 5, so I don’t know when or if I’ll get around to using this.

The total Memebox assigned value for this box was $75.  I’ve seen some people around the internet observe that the listed values don’t always correspond to the prices of the products were you actually to purchase them via internet, but I’ll just take Memebox’s word for it on this one.  I paid $29 for this box, plus $7 for shipping (there happened to be a $10 off discount code at the time), so while this isn’t an exceptional value for my money, I still think they did a good job.

Now… on to the Pore Care Superbox!

Product One: O’GCE Blackheads All Clear Nose Pack + Pore Tightener Full Set.
“O’GCE Blackheads All Clear Nose Pack + Pore Tightener Full Set is a two step system that is designed to remove existing blackheads and whiteheads around your nose, and tighten up pores to control oil production and prevent the formation of new blackheads and whiteheads.”
This basically looks like Bioré strips with a second step.  Bioré strips have never really worked particularly well for me, but I’ll give these a whirl and see how they do.
Here is the COSDNA site for the nose pack, and for the pore tightener.  Nothing that worries me too much, especially since these are not an every-day product.
Product Two: Velieve White Clay Mask.
“Cleanse your pores of dirt and oil, tighten enlarged pores, and enhance your overall complexion with this refreshing pore clay mask.”
Finally, a product with an included spatula! HYGIENE.

Mud masks, I’ve been told, are great for people with super oily skin like me.  I tried the GlamGlow mask in the white tub and it broke me out like crazy, so I’ll have to patch test this before I go all out with it. It’ll be nice to have a mud mask that works if it turns out well.

Product Three: SNP Pore Contraction Whitening Gel Cream.
“This paraben free gel cream soothes red and irritated skin, improves elasticity and increases overall moisture in your skin while also cooling off overheated skin. Pomegranate extracts increase the skin’s elasticity and lime and honey extracts increase moisture, basil extracts increase vitality and soothe irritated skin, and lotus flower extracts even out skin tone and brighten your complexion.”
This product comes without a box. Eco-friendly! But again, NO SPATULA. Sigh.
This tub doesn’t even have a list of ingredients on it.  I tried for you guys, man. The back’s all written in Korean and I made the attempt, but it’s just directions for use and a little product blurb.
This product is somewhere in between white and clear, with a watery but gel-type texture.  It smells faintly like plants to me. It goes on smoothly but on my arm it leaves a slightly tacky finish before it absorbs completely.
Product Four: Nella Fantasia Pore Jelly Pop Blackhead Remover.
“Nella Fantasia Pore Jelly Pop Blackhead Remover is a pore vacuum cleanser because it helps to loosen blackheads by absorbing dirt and excess oil. The complexion is left smooth, clear, and refined. Oxidation reversal complex within the formula targets sebum oxidation, a leading cause of blackheads and the trigger for the build-up of cellular debris for clean and clear pores.”
So when you open this up, it looks a little bit like a dish scrubber that you’d have in your kitchen: little pink jelly scrubby bristles with a hole in the middle for the product to come through.  It’s kind of funny looking, and I like that.
Here’s the COSDNA report on this product.  There are a few ingredients in there that aren’t listed as harmful per se but aren’t listed as safe, either.
Frankly, I’ll try this just because it’s going to be hilarious to rub a pink jelly spike plate over my nose.
And the final item in the Pore Care Superbox: Alonism Pore Tuning Erasing Balm.
“This pore erasing balm is perfect for covering enlarged pores, deep wrinkles, and any imperfections in your face in preparation for flawless makeup coverage.  It contains green tea, aloe vera, grape, witch hazel and chestnut extracts to mattify the skin while also locking in healthy moisture.”
So this is basically a face primer.  I’ve got tons of samples of primers (mostly Western brands) sitting on my makeup desk right now, because I really can’t be bothered to put stuff on my face.  But I’m going to get better! I promise! I will eventually wear face makeup and look pretty and stuff.  And once I start I’ll let you all know how this works.
The Pore Care Superbox has a Memebox listed value of $137, and I got it for $29 (again, with a $10 off promo).  Even assuming that I never ever use that primer, that’s still an awesome value.  Sweet deal.

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