Memebox Unboxed: Superbox #12: Free From Oil and Troubles 2

When I posted my last Memebox unboxing, I wasn’t really expecting that another one would be coming to me in the mail so quickly, but I also didn’t really expect that first box to get stuck in customs for five days.  (They were making sure that that mask didn’t have tomato in it.)

In any case, here’s the unboxing for Superbox 12 from Memebox.  In case you forgot since the last time I talked about it, Memebox is a mystery box company featuring Korean beauty and skincare products.  They come in three varieties: Memeboxes (4-8 full or deluxe sample products), Luckyboxes (products that have been featured before and are super popular), and Superboxes (full size products only).  Boxes may or may not have themes.  This one, in fact, does.  It’s the “Free from oil and troubles 2” box, a.k.a. “I have zits that have their own zip code, please send help”.  The first box with this theme was a regular Memebox, so it had some deluxe samples in it.  I guess it went over well enough that they decided to redo it as a Superbox. So here’s what is inside!

Yay, the pink box!
The first item in the box is the Skin 1004 Madagastar Centella Asiatica Ampoule – 100 mL.   “Highly enriched with 100% centella asiatica extracts which are known to have outstanding regenerative properties, this all-natural ampoule will take care of all your skin troubles and help maintain the right moisture/oil balance in your skin.”  Apparently this can be used as a toner or mixed in with your night cream.
So, firstly… ampoule.  I haven’t seen one of these in real life; they only exist in Silent Hill, and they’re usually a VERY BAD SIGN.  “Hey, look, I found an ampoule!”  ...sirens blare…  “Well, crap.”  So what exactly is an ampoule?  An ampoule is in the same class of products as an “essence” or “serum” – they’re designed to target specific concerns in your skin, which can be anything from simple hydration to, in this case, the polite euphemism of “trouble”.   Since the Korean skincare routine involves putting products on from lightest to heaviest, you would use an ampoule after your essence and serum.
You know who has troubled skin? Pyramid Head.  I don’t think this will fix it, though.

Centella asiatica, also known as Asiatic pennywort, can be used in cooking as well as in traditional medicine.  There have been some studies that show that pennywort extracts have increased the rate of would healing in rats, which would be awesome if you were a rat, I guess, but I didn’t see any studies that involved actual human beings.

This product comes in a (rather large, yay!) bottle with a dropper in it.  I don’t have an ampoule in my daily routine, so I’ll add this into rotation in a week or two (once I know the product I added night before last isn’t reacting badly with my skin).
The second product is also from Skin 1004: the Cocoon Facial Care 100g bar soap.  “This gentle yet very functional cleansing soap bar is made from natural cocoon ingredients and works to tighten up enlarged pores, control excess sebum, and also remove blockheads and dead skin cells in your skin.”  That last bit challenges my grammar brain, but let’s leave it for now.  Here’s what the soap looks like, out of the box but still wrapped.

First things first: this soap has a smell on it.  I like to think I both have a sensitive nose and am fairly eloquent, but I can’t for the life of me think of a way to describe this product other than “soap downwind from a chemical factory next to a really old person”.  I am not a fan.   Let’s move on.

Third in the box are two of the LJH Doctor’s Care Facial Mask Sheet Tea Tree.   I love sheet masks.  Sheet masks and I are BFFs. “This facial mask is part of LJH’s famous tea tree series which concentrates on caring for troubled skin with excess sebum and blemishes. Tea tree is highly well-known for its soothing and purifying properties, and there’s 20mL of tea tree essence included in each mask sheet.”

I’m gonna slap this right on my face.

I got another LJH product in Luckybox #5 – their Tea Tree 90 Essence.  Although I’ve only been using it for two days, I really like it and I’ve gotten positive feedback on my skin texture since using it, so I’m pumped for this mask.  Plus, sheet mask.  I don’t really need another reason.

The fourth product in this Superbox is Secret Key Honey Bee’s AC Control Spot Remover – 15mL.    “Enriched with extracts from honey bee propolis, this spot remover effectively controls excess sebum and oil without stimulating your sensitive skin. Various plant extracts also help soothe problematic skin for a more even-toned complexion.”
I’m in favor of everything orange. Forever.

I’ve tried a number of spot treatments over the course of my life, and none of them have wowed me.  But I’ve got some spots happening, so this arrived at a great time for me to test it out.  Maybe bee-collected resin is great for zits.

Last, and definitely least, is Welcos Aloe Vera Moisture Real Soothing Gel 150mL.  “This is the ultimate multi-functional aloe vera gel which can be used on your face, body, and where-ever else you want. Consisted of 98% aloe vera leaf extracts, it will deeply soothe and hydrate thirsty skin.”
Umm… okay.

I honestly don’t know why they put this product in this box.  I mean, yes, aloe is great for sunburns or super dehydrated skin, but when I think “gotta get rid of this acne”, I don’t look around for the nearest aloe plant.  Not even a little.  And while this is a Korean product (yes, most of the package is written in Korean), this is something I could walk to my local CVS, Walgreens, or Target, and get for stupidly cheap.  Even the product information card lists the cost for this product at $3.  That is stupid.

Since my roommate and I already have a gigantic bottle of aloe (and 100% aloe at that) in our bathroom, I guess I’ll take this to work in case I severely burn myself on some papers I’m filing or something.
So how did this box stack up?  There are two products I’m super pumped to try (the sheet masks and the ampoule), one I’ll try but will have to think about, one product that smells really bad, and that ridiculous bottle of aloe.  Maybe I was spoiled by the Luckybox.

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