Memebox Unboxing: Cute Wishlist 2 & K-Style 2!

…just based on the title I feel like I should be doing all those weird emoticon faces.


There.  Now it’s out of my system.

Once again the glory that is DHL has arrived at my house.  This, I suspect, is the real benefit of ordering the “value set” memeboxes – the sales aren’t that great but the free shipping, oh yes, the free expedited shipping.

So, what did I get?

Here’s the rundown on Memeboxes:

Memebox is a company that provides “mystery” boxes with Korean beauty and skincare products.  It’s not a subscription service, so you have to buy each box individually (and hope the one you want doesn’t sell out before you get to it).  They have three classes of boxes: Memeboxes, which have 4-8 full size or deluxe sample products; Luckyboxes, which are a kind of “best-of-the-best” box that have the most loved products in them from previous boxes; and Superboxes, which contain only full size products.

Box Number ONE:

Superbox 51: My Cute Wishlist 2

“The second edition of our My Cute Wishlist Box is loaded with darling delights that have swoon-worthy signature cheeky Korean names and gosh-darn-cute packaging. From miniature beautifying trinkets to precious pouch portables, this box full of darling beauty finds will make you bubble over with giddiness.”

1. Sally’s Box Friendly Berry Berry Lip Patch

The girl on this packaging freaks me the heck out.  What is happening with your FACE?
“Infused with various berry extracts rich in vitamin C, this lip mask hugs all the curves of your lips and enhance them for luscious and kissable lips.  Use twice a week for deeply moisturized, smoochable lips!”
It’s a lip mask.  Although normally I’d be like “Wow, what is the POINT of you?”, I’ve come down with a nasty cold and my lips have magically become like the Sahara.  So I may even try this tonight. Plus berry. Yum.
I can’t see it as a thing I’d actually use twice a week though.

2. It’s Skin Babyface Petit Blusher

This is the cutest, happiest blush.  It just wants to be friends!
“Highlight and illuminate cheekbones and complexion with this blendable blush available in an array of luminous colors. Cheeks will look radiant with a subtle glow that perfectly compliments smooth, perfected skin.”
This was randomly selected from four possible colors: Pink, Lavender, Rose, and Peach.  I got lavender, which is a blush color I will never wear.  But the packaging is so adorable! So at least I got a little joy out of it, anyway.

3. RoseMine Perfumed Hand Cream

“This protective, emollient formula uses the living energy of lily and hesperides to deeply nourish the skin, and nails, creating sublimely smooth results. This lovely scented hand cream will instantly transport you to paradise! Enriched with shea butter, rose water, argan oil, and mango seed butter, this hand cream delivers instant moisture and nutrition for healthy hands and nails.”
I don’t know that I have much to say about this product, other than I’m not sure what hesperides are? Other than the Greek nymphs, I mean.

4. Evas Vitamin Cleansing Dessert

You can’t tell from this picture, but I got the Lemon variety.
“These yummy Vitamin Cleansing Desserts completely remove makeup and impurities to give you the best down-to-the-pore clean feeling! Micro bubbles penetrate deep into the pores to extract blackheads, whiteheads, and all acne-causing bacteria to give you flawless skin!”
I’m having a really hard time finding a cleaner I like – it has to be in a package containing sufficient quantity, can’t smell weird, has to have an acidic pH, the list goes on.  I’ve received one of these cleansing desserts in another box (the chocolate box) already.

5. SaintPeau Collaging Pudding Sleeping Pack

I was eating bacon when I took this out of the box.  I felt slightly guilty.
“This fun overnight facial mask is infused with 52% natural collagen to give you the look of radiant, more youthful skin. This jello-type collagen mask fills in fine lines and wrinkles and delivers deep and intense nourishment to the skin to help slow down the signs of aging. “
I still haven’t wrapped my head around the idea of sleeping packs, but the weather is changing and I am absolutely noticing a difference in my skin.  Just two months ago, if I had used a cream  moisturizer at the end of my skincare routing in the evening, I would be an oily mess when I woke up.  Now if I don’t use one, my skin feels a little dry to the touch right away. Perplexing.

6. The YEON Style Y Fruity Swirl Lip Balm

Guys, I love orange SO MUCH.
“This deep-sinking, conditioning lip balm melts across your lips for a dewy, kissable pout. Jojoba oil moisturizes and locks in hydration, and the non-greasy, never-sticky formula has a juicy flavor and hue that flatters every smirk.”
Winter is coming. (Insert Game of Thrones .gif here.)  And with winter comes chapped lips – much more now that I’m not in my teens anymore. So every lip balm I can get my hands on is worth a shot – and this is definitely a cute lip balm.  I wonder if the swirl stays as you use up the product?
Anyway, this product was randomly selected between Orange, Strawberry, and Lime.  Yay for orange!
Final Box Notes:
I didn’t purchase My Cute Wishlist #1 (it sold out before I could), but I have seen unboxings on the internet and this box… I don’t think it stands up.  There were some products that absolutely fit the bill (I’m looking at you, tiny baby blush face), and some that left me just perplexed.  Almost every product in the Cute Wishlist 1 box was… well… cute, and that just isn’t reflected here.  I don’t think my standards for cuteness are really that high, are they?
Well, will I use them?
1. Lip Patch: Yep! Absolutely.
2. Blusher:  Nope, not my color.  I would have used it if it were any other, though, so we’ll call it a near miss.
3. Hand Cream: No. I am awash in hand cream.  There is too much hand cream happening in these boxes, Memebox.  I’m over it.
4. Cleansing Dessert: Nah.  If I really wanted to use one of these, I have the Chocolate one that I’ve already opened and sniffed.
5. Sleeping Pack: Maybe.  I’ll have to patch test.  This might be too heavy for my skin.
6. Lip balm: For sure! It looks like it tastes like an Orangesicle.
Memebox places the value of this box at $84. Not what I’d call the best value, but not bad. The big ticket item in here is the sleeping pack.
Okay… next!!

Memebox Special #33 – K-Style 2

“Korean makeup is all about radiant feminine beauty, and with this box, you’ll be able to recreate all of your favorite K-celeb’s beauty looks! Whether you want to take the spotlight with a fun and dramatic K-pop eye and lip combo, or what to perfect understated elegance with bright and flawless skin, and signature K-drama celeb lips, the final results will be some kind of gorgeous. Upgrade your beauty collection with this box, and your makeup pouch will be the envy of every Seoulite!”

1. Royal Nature Pantone Shadeliner

That is BRIGHT.
“An auto-type and easily-gliding like a gel liner, Royal Nature’s Pantone Shadeliner series come in 4 unique shades. It includes a sharpening, fully dries within 5 seconds of application, and boosts a long-lasting, waterproof, and oil-proof finish.”
I just want to say for the record that I try to type product descriptions as they are on the card without unintentionally fixing grammar or spelling errors.
…anyway, moving on.
Like the description said, this product was randomly selected from 4 different colors – magenta, mint, brown, and black.  I got magenta, obviously.  I never really thought of myself as a magenta eyeliner kind of person – but I’m not unwilling to try it (though I likely would have been unwilling if I’d gotten the green).  I like the idea of linking the product color to Pantone numbers – it makes it easier to get a real sense of what you’re going to get.

2. Secret-Stargirl S-Style 2 Set

“Apply the Downy Cheek along your cheekbones for a naturally rosy look.”
These are false eyelashes.  I’m guessing that this was a last-minute product substitution and the card just got updated weirdly. Anyway, the lash sets were randomly selected from two types: Cat eye and Delicate eye.  I got Cat’s eye, which I prefer – or I would, if I were any good at applying and wearing false eyelashes.  True story: I wore a set last Halloween for funsies, and at the end of the night one eye still had the false lashes on, and the other one didn’t.  I never found out where they went. It’s a mystery.

3. Eglips Real Color Lip Lacquer

This photo looks like it was taken with a potato.  Sorry, guys.
“Eglips’ Real Color Lip Lacquer is basically a lip gloss, a lipstick, and a lip tint all combined together for the better! The trendy, vibrant colors leave your lips moist, glossy, and radiant for all day long.”
It looks like this product comes in 7 different colors.  I got orange, and I never say no to orange.  I’m excited!

4. RiRe Luxe Mirror Eyeliner Black

“This unique black eyeliner comes with a tiny mirror attached to the bottle, making it easier for you to re-touch your lines whenever and wherever you are! Plus, it’s very strong against water, oil, and sweat, it washes off easily with just warm water and a little bit of swipe, and its thin brush delicately fills in between the lashes for a deep, well-defined look.”
That seems contradictory – it’s strong against water yet washes off easily with warm water?
Anyway, I like the idea of a liquid liner. I used to have two Lancome Artliners that I used when I wanted a liquid liner – but they’re so expensive, and the felt tip is really thicker than I need it to be, so this could be a good substitute.

5. Shara Shara Color Eyes Stick Shadow

“We’ve picked out the best two shades from Shara Shara’s lovely eye shadows that easily glide onto the skin and leaves a silky smooth finish. The romantic shadow is creamy in texture and comes in an auto stick-type, making it an easy-to-apply must-have for even makeup beginners.”
I’ve been wanting to try Shara Shara products for a while, so this is a great intro to have.  These were randomly selected from either Caramel Gold or Sugar Pink – I got caramel gold.
I’m a big fan of Laura Mercier’s Caviar Sticks, which are basically the same thing but at four times the price, so if the wear of this product holds up I’m going to be really excited.

6. Original Raw Ten Cushion Foundation

“This Ten Cushion Foundation is a makeup base, CC cream, moisturizing essence, moisturizing pact, and a sunblock all in one smart item! With just a single application, it’ll soothe, brighten up, smooth out, moisturize, and cover up skin imperfections. Experience a truly glowing complexion that actually lasts all day long.”
Don’t miiiind if I do.
Final Thoughts:  There’s a tip on the info card that comes with this that has directions to make a “signature Korean eye makeup” using the eyeliner, stick shadow, and liquid liner. (If you want to get extra involved you could totally use the fake lashes too.)  I think that’s a splendid idea and a good way to get people using combinations of products that they may not have used before. I liked almost every product in this box.  Good job, Memebox.
So, will I use it?
1. Eyeliner: We’ll take it for a test drive first to make sure it doesn’t make me look like a horror show.
2. Fake lashes: Not unless someone else puts them on me.
3. Lip Lacquer: Absolutely! Orange.
4. Liquid Liner: For sure! I’ve been meaning to pick up liquid liner, so I’m glad I don’t have to make that purchase myself.
5. Stick Shadow: Yes! I love these.
6. Foundation: We’ll see how it does on my skin.  I’ll try it, at the very least!
Memebox values this box at $86.

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