Memebox Unboxing: Milk And Oriental Medicine

I promise, this blog isn’t going to be all Memebox all the time.  I’ve got some mini-reviews that I’ll be posting, hopefully within the next week or so, so forgive me for the dearth of content that’s been happening for the past few weeks.

In the meantime, I got a box today that contained my Milk and Oriental Medicine Memeboxes.  Here’s the blurb for those of you who are not familiar with Memebox:

“Memebox is a rapidly-growing, leading e-commerce beauty retailer born in Seoul, currently headquartered in San Francisco, California.  Memebox curates only the most trusted, best-loved Korean beauty products at everyday prices. An extremely competitive industry, Korean cosmetics are renowned for their unprecedented quality developed through cutting-edge technology. At the forefront of the industry, Memebox is determined to deliver the enchantment of discovery through effortless experiences, at prices you’ll never say no to.”

It’s an order-as-you-want site that has four types of boxes: Regular memebox, which contains 4-8 full size and deluxe sample size products, which may or may not have a theme; superboxes, which contain full size products and always have a theme, and lucky boxes, which are collections of the most popular items from past boxes of all kinds.

Let’s open up the boxes.

First Box: Oriental Medicine.

1. D’Ran Wonder Serum (30 mL, full size product)
“Made from 20 different Korean medicinal herbs such as ginseng, black hoof mushrooms, licorice, portulaca and ganoderma, the Wonder Serum delivers abundant nutrients and moisture deep into your skin to erase those years off your face, for a revitalized, glowing complexion.”
This product is semi-opaque and kind of watery, but not runny. It smells herbal, and while it was only on my finger for a few moments,  the skin did feel softer and a bit more moisturized even after I wiped it off with a tissue.
2. Purederm Korean Herb Mask (2 different masks)
“Enriched with organic Korean herb extracts, these masks each carry their own functions according to the various ingredients utilized. They’re all high in vitamin E and collagen to maintain the moisture/oil balance in your skin.  Also, the mask material is thick enough to deliver sufficient nutrients in a short time spec.”
Unluckily for me, these masks were selected at random and in true Memebox fashion, the gal with oily skin got two masks geared towards dry skin.  I’m totally going to try them anyway – I will just wait for a day when I’ve either dried my skin out or it’s not wretchedly humid.  I got the Myung-an Brightening and Soo-an Moisturizing masks.
3. Donginbi’s Donginbidam Red Ginseng Aqua Oil and Red Ginseng Aqua Pack Essence (5mL each, deluxe size product)
“Donginbi is a super premium brand only found in Korean beauty department stores.  The Red Ginseng Aqua Oil and Aqua Pack Essence series is effectively renowned for its delicate packaging designed to reflect traditional Korean porcelain.  The red ginseng extracts have powerful medicinal formula that effectively soothe and lock in moisture, ultimately making your skin silkier and smoother.”
Yes, the box is gorgeous. And apparently this stuff is legit expensive – the full size of these products (about 10 times more) retails for $90 a bottle.  Phew!
The Aqua Oil is clear and runny; the Pack Essence is white and slightly less runny.  They both smell really nice.
4. Hanhui CC Cream (50mL, full size product)
“This unique CC cream is infused with red ginseng extracts, cactus extracts, and galactomyces fermented extracts to make your skin silky smooth and shine with a natural glow from within. It’s not like a BB cream in that it brightens up your skin tone. A CC cream works to even out and cover up visible pores and fine lines on your face, controlling your complexion to look its most natural yet flawless in its imperfections.”
I don’t have a lot of experience with CC creams, but this one is white.  I think that it would be difficult to use – it seems to leave a white cast on my hand when I try to blend it in.
5. Shib Jang Ceng Chun Ji Heang Hand Cream (80 mL, full size product)


“Made from 110 years old wild ginseng extracts, shea butter, and olive oil, this hand cream is extremely rich in nutrients and delivers deep revitalization to your dry, easily-roughened hands.  Its highly moisturizing formula allows for a fast, soft absorbance and a long-lasting finish.”
This seems very much like a hand lotion.  It absorbs fairly quickly but doesn’t smell either better or worse than any other hand lotion that I could pick up anywhere.  I have a problem with my hands where after I put on lotion, I wash my hands and all the lotion washes right back out of the skin anywhere, so we’ll see how that works out anyway.
And that wraps up that box.  On to:

Second Box: Milk

1. Hello Everybody Bubble Bath Steam Milk (25g, full size product)
“Here’s the perfect beauty get-away for you girls out there who’s feeling weary and stressed out after a long day.  Take a hot, bubble bath with Hello Everybody’s steam milk, and its mild vanilla fragrance and abundant steam bubbles will gently soothe both your body and mind.  The almond oil, chamomile and rosemary leaf extracts also included in the product help soften and nourish skin.”
This is seriously a pouch full of dust, which I appreciate because if it was a bag of milk product it would undoubtedly be rancid by this point, but I’ve never put a bag of dust in my bath before.
2. Hello Everybody Nature Holic Body Lotion Milk (300 mL, full size product)


“This all-natural body lotion is made from organic goat milk which is extremely gentle, moisturizing, and fast-absorbing. It’s also rich in aloe vera, honey, lemon balm, and spearmint extracts and thus carries a very strong moisture locking formula to keep your skin smooth and supple.”
This lotion has a light milky scent and does seem to really moisturize nicely without being greasy.  It seems like it’ll be perfect for after shaving my legs. 

3. Pure Smile Choosy Lip Scrub (25g, full size product)


“The gentle Choosy Lip Scrub is packed with all sorts of natural goodies – sugar, peach extracts, milk protein extracts, chamomile extracts, bees wax – for removing dead skins, deeply nourishing, and adding an extra luster to your dry, chapped lips.”
This item is randomly selected from two flavors: peach milk and chamomile milk.  Luckily for me, I got the peach milk flavor.  It smells great but kind of tastes like wax, and I don’t feel any sugar grains or any exfoliating action.  Of my two lip scrubs, I think I prefer Missha’s.side note: the back of this package also seems to indicate that this can also be used as a nipple cream. I really don’t have anything to say about it. Look at me not saying anything.

4.  Pure Smile Milk Mask Pack


“Replenish your complexion into a baby-face with this Milk Mask Pack rich in milk protein nutrients which aid in hydrating and smoothing out uneven skin texture.”
Memebox knows how to keep me happy.  Got some extra room? Throw in a $1 sheet mask. Darn tootin’.
5. Skin Ceramic Donkey Milk & Argan Oil Multi Steam Cream (100g, full size)


“No chemical preservatives, No artificial fragrance, No artificial coloring! Made from 100% organic argan oil and natural donkey milk, known to be more nutritious than milk or goat milk and most similar to mothers’ breast milk, this multi steam cream delivers intense hydration and nutrition deep down into your skin. The whipped cream-like texture allows it to absorb softly and quickly as well.”
My skin is so oily that I have a hard time putting any thick moisturizing creams on it, but I have a hand lotion with argan oil in it and I really like the way it makes my skin feel, so this is definitely worth a shot.
6. Enesti Rice & Milk Foaming Cleanser (120 mL, full size product)


“A foam cleanser made from mineral-rich hot spring water and packed with rice & milk extracts, this product will thoroughly cleanse deep into your pores yet deliver rich moisture, leaving your skin glowing with a natural translucence!”
One of the things that was on my list of “want-to-try” was the Face Shop’s Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam, and this seems like a good way to see whether rice interacts well with my face.
7. Pure Smile Choosy Lip Pack Milk

“Pamper your chapped lips with Pure Smile’s Choosy Lip Pack abundant in milk protein extracts for strengthening the moisture level and reviving the juicy glow of your lips.  This easy-to-apply lip patch will help maintain healthy, silky smooth lips!”I’m going to save this for the winter – my lips do chap then and I’ll really need it!

The Oriental Medicine box is valued by Memebox at about $97, and I paid $23 plus shipping.
The Milk box is valued by Memebox at about $91, and I paid $23 plus shipping.

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