It’s a gorgeous day out, and instead of going outside and being active, I’m going to sit here like a lump and talk with you guys about makeup and skin care! (Don’t worry. I’ll go do something active later.)  As you can tell from, well, almost all the posts here, I’ve been getting plenty of random things from my Memeboxes, as well as some things I’ve decided to purchase myself along the way from other sources.

So, without further ado, here are my thoughts on some of the things I’ve tried recently.

1. Skineralism’s Ice Whitening Bubble Pack

I got this product in the Bubble Pop memebox.  The idea is that once you put the product on your face the skin contact activates some sort of science-y thing and it becomes carbonated.  Somehow, this is supposed to get rid of all the dead skin cells on your face and get the gunk out of your pores as well.  It’s supposed to whiten, tighten, moisturize, and soothe.

At least two of those claims are bunk.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I put this on my face, so I went for it on a Saturday night. That way, I figured, if my skin hated it, I had all of Sunday to recover.  The box has six 7mL packs inside.  The pack has more than enough to cover your face (I think if you wanted to be really thrifty you might be able to get away with two uses per pack) and it comes out of the pack as a clear, thick liquid. You put it right on your face and it starts to foam up of its own accord.

Guys, that foaming business is no lie.  After about 45 seconds it felt like I’d put shaving cream all over my face. The stuff on my upper lip was getting in the way of my nose.  It smells like the scent you get when you pop the tab on a can of soda – that weird carbon odor that usually only lasts for like 0.3 seconds.

Anyway, you’re supposed to leave the mask on for three minutes and then rinse it off with warm water.  I lasted long enough to walk to my roommate’s bedroom and scare her with my face before I got creeped out myself and washed it off. I don’t think it was quite three minutes.  I had a hell of a time washing that stuff off, too – it took me a really long time. For quite a while I couldn’t see any product left on my skin but it felt like it had left a layer of stuff on my face.   I wonder if that was supposed to be the ‘moisturizing’, because after my face finally felt clean again I went “Dang, that sucked every bit of oil and water off of my face”.  Now, for reference, unless something is wrong, or I’ve used multiple acid treatments really recently, my face is NEVER dry.  I am the queen of oily face.  So the fact that I used my entire night routine after this product and woke up with a face that still felt dryer than normal makes me think that maybe, just maybe, the whole moisturize/soothe thing may not work out the way Skineralism thinks it does.

On the other hand, it absolutely did get some of the crap out of my pores, and it did minimize their appearance for a while.  The effect didn’t last really long (I was back to normal 12 hours later) but it definitely happened.

So here are my final thoughts:  I would never recommend this to anyone with dry skin since it managed to dry me out, and personally I’d save this for a quick use before any event where I wanted to have really clean skin – and I’d use a thicker moisturizer than usual after I used it so I didn’t end up with irritated, dehydrated skin.

2. Amini’s Conditioning Hair Shampoo and Hair Rinse

Guys, I figured out what this smells like.  Orange Pez. I love it.

Anyway, just like my face, my hair is prone to being oily. What that means for me is that I end up being unable to use both of these products at once.  If I use my regular shampoo and the Conditioning Hair Rinse, I’m fine.  If I use just the Shampoo (and maybe another conditioner), I’m fine.  If I use both of them, by the end of the day my hair looks like a greasy mess. I don’t know whether my hair just can’t handle too much conditioning or what.

By themselves, though, each product does its job well. The Shampoo cleans my hair just fine, and the conditioner does a good job of keeping my hair from tangling.  The fact that they smell like candy is just a bonus.

So if you have hair that gets greasy quickly, you may want to stick with just one of the two products.  If you have hair that’s prone to being dry, both of them might be appropriate.

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