Review: Colourpop Lippie Stix

As part of an upcoming blogpost on recreating K-Drama lip looks, I placed a fairly significant order for Colourpop Lippie Stix, because they seem to have a great selection of different lip colors and finishes, and also because I am super cheap and $5 per lip product sounds PHENOMENAL to me. I’ve got $5. Anyway, I ended up splurging a lot more than I intended (so many colors… can’t decide) and I bought 11 colors.

Colourpop is a California-based company that does not test on animals and focuses on great colors at affordable prices.  They make more products than just the Lippie Stix – they do eyeshadows, blushes, multifunction products, and matte liquid lipstick as well.  One more interesting note: all of the Lippie Stix are noted as vegan products, so if you’re vegan, there you go.

ColourPop Lippie Stix boxes

Here is what the Lippie Stix looked like when they came.  The boxes weren’t perfectly sealed, which doesn’t worry me all that much since the caps were on tightly.  They shipped in a padded mailer, so I assume they got jostled a little which is why some of them are open.  Not a big deal.  The boxes themselves are cute.

Colourpop Lippie Stix bullet

The packaging of the product itself is a white cylinder, which is nice and clean looking. The logo on it is a glittery silver, which I actually hate. Not that it’s particularly ugly, but I just find it to be kind of confusing to the eye. The nice thing about the lippie stix, which you can also find in Innisfree lipsticks like the Creammellow, is that the bottom of the tube is capped in the color of the lipstick, so if you have multiple tubes in your purse or pouch you don’t have to pull them all out and uncap them or read the bottom to figure out which one you want.

Here are some wrist swatches of the colors I got, separated into color family.

Colourpop Lippie Stix swatches


Here’s how they look on the lips.

colourpop Collage

I’ve apparently been really, really spoiled by all the lip products I’ve been importing, because I’m not a fan of this formula.  I feel bad posting all these not-so-enthusiastic reviews but at the same time if I don’t like something at least you all know.

This product does not go on very smoothly or easily – it tugs on the lips a little and feels pretty thick when it’s on.  This is not a lipstick that you can wear if you have dry lips, or you haven’t exfoliated recently – it will cling to every imperfection like some kind of horrible look-ruining glue. I tried to wear Julep without exfoliating first and I was so horrified by how it turned out I took it right off and exfoliated my lips immediately.   Even if your lips are in fabulous condition – and I know they are – the formula feels a little waxy, almost? It doesn’t feel moisturizing at all, just kind of gummy on your lips.  On the flip side, that gumminess also meant that when I drank from my glass of water, while there was some transfer it was pretty minimal, so there’s something positive at least.

The colors themselves are very pigmented – they go on fairly opaquely and aren’t particularly patchy.  I had some issues getting the colors to stay opaque on the inner part of my bottom lip, but it wasn’t a huge problem.  The more matte the shade is, the more likely it is to be drying, the same as any other lip product I’ve tried.

After about two hours, the color started to fade a little, but it was uniform and didn’t look weird. At four hours, when I had to wash it off and go do other things like be a rational adult, it was still going strong in its semi-faded state.  The satin shade lasted longer than the glossy shade. The wear time was actually pretty impressive, I thought – the down side was that it stained some of the dry parts of my lips, so I ended up with a patchwork smile even after a shower.

Am I glad I got these?  Well, the price was so good I couldn’t resist – and the color selection is great.  Unfortunately, the formula itself is a deal-breaker for me.  I’m not likely to pick this product up again unless I can’t find a similar color in the products I already have.  But if you don’t need something really moisturizing, and you’re okay with a thicker, more waxy lip product, this gives good value for the money in my opinion.

You can buy Colourpop Lippie Stix on Colourpop’s website.  Colourpop allows you to shop by broad color tone – purples, oranges, pinks, reds, darks, etc. – but doesn’t display the lippie stix alphabetically, which I found frustrating when I was trying to look up individual colors that other folks liked.  Colourpop has free shipping with orders over $50 in the continental US.  They do ship to other places as well: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands and APOs.

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