Review: Innisfree “It’s Real” Jejubija Sheet Mask

Continuing on my theme of “I really really love sheet masks”, I thought I’d write a little bit about Innisfree’s Jejubija Sheet Mask.

Now that the weather is warming up, my oily face is getting even oiler, and in recent weeks I’ve noticed some bumps in my skin – most noticeably on my forehead.  I don’t like them. We are not friends.  I want them to go away.   So when I went through and bought my metric ton of Innisfree sheet masks,  I picked up a set of them that said “anti-trouble”.  I assume that’s Korean for “Holy cow we need to get THAT off your face”.

The Jejubija masks come in the same sort of packet as the Royal Jelly, with basically the same tagline.  I can’t tell whether I feel cheated that it doesn’t actually say “LET ME FIX YOUR FACE” on the front, or whether I admire their consistency.  Either way.

I still don’t know what “bija” actually is. 

The back of the packet is, of course, mostly in Korean, but there’s a handy dandy diagram showing you how you put things on your face.  The bottom bit is in English, and I assume it’s a translation of the the instructions on top, but I really couldn’t tell you either way (my Korean is, alas, terrible).

Here’s the whole thing…
…and a close-up of the bit in English.
Like the Royal Jelly mask, the Bija mask has 20 mL of essence in it, and is meant to be used after your toner step.

Here’s what you get!

This mask feels like it’s a thinner consistency than the Royal Jelly mask, which made me a little sad.  It isn’t that I think a mask has to be thick to work; it’s just that something about the way the Royal Jelly mask sat on my face was nice.

This mask is meant to be left on the face for 20 minutes, according to the packet; I walked on the wild side and left it on for 35.  There was a slight tingling sensation – you know how sometimes you can’t tell whether something is tingling because it’s irritating your skin or because it’s cold? It was like that.
When I peeled this mask off, just like the Royal Jelly mask, I was left with a lot of essence still on my face.  Since I don’t intend to spend 5 minutes hitting myself in the face every time I use one of these masks, I decided to change up my tactics and press the essence in with my palms instead of patting with my fingertips.
It worked way better.  Note to self.
My face was still a little tacky after most of the essence had absorbed, but it didn’t feel oily, so I went ahead and put on my serum.  It absorbed nicely.  My skin felt very soft.
When I woke up the next morning, not only did I not have a gross film over my skin, but my face felt soft and clean; my sun cream absorbed beautifully, and I wasn’t oily at all.
Did the mask clear up all my skin “troubles”? Nope.  I didn’t really expect it to.  But my skin looked great the next day and it helped all my skincare sink in the way it was supposed to.  I think of this mask really as something you’d use in addition to your routine as kind of a ‘booster’ to make sure that, at the very least, things aren’t getting worse overnight.
Would I buy this mask again? Absolutely.  In fact, I’ll probably put a stack of them in my next order, whenever I make it.  Rating: 4/5.  It’s not an HG, but I really like it.

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