Review: YSL Pop Water Tint

I went to Nordstrom’s Spring Beauty Trend Event at the Mall of America this weekend, and had the opportunity to play around with a couple lip colors from a spring collection from Yves Saint Laurent, called “Pop Water”.  It’s listed on Nordstrom’s website as an exclusive.

According to the Nordstrom website, “The third revolution under the Glossy Stain franchise, Pop Water is formulated with water brilliance, providing 10 hours of hydration and a translucent pop of color. Its applicator features a unique slanted tip and short soft bristles that allow flawless application and perfect precision.”

The Pop Water Glossy Tints are available in 8 colors and in one “Plump Up” product.  They’re numbered as follows:  201 Dewy Red, 202 Rouge Splash, 203 Eau de Corail, 204 Onde Rose, 205 Pink Rain, 206 Misty Pink, 207 Juicy Peach, and 208 Wet Nude.

I tried several of the shades on over the course of two weekends, and ended up walking away with three colors:  201 Dewy Red, 202 Rouge Splash, and 203 Eau de Corail.

They come in YSL’s signature gold boxes.



Like the ad copy for the product says, the brush itself is very useful – it’s flat, with a pointed tip that lets you apply the tint really precisely along the outside of the lips and in the corners of your mouth.


Remember in the last post when I talked about how great the pigmentation on the Innisfree Real Fluid Rouge was, but how not-so-great the wear time was?  (If you don’t, here’s a recap: the wear time was 2 hours on me, tops.) Well, this product is everything I wanted the Real Fluid Rouge to be.  I put on Eau de Corail after work, and then spent an hour driving, spent 45 minutes exercising outside, and went to Jamba Juice.  When I got home 15 minutes after that, the tint was still there.  I’ve yet to test the “10 hours of moisture!” claim, but I can say that it will last very well for four hours even if I’m doing some light drinking or eating, and even though I do a lot of talking.   It won’t make it through a plate of pad see ew, but then the taste of any glossy lip product would really make eating noodles kind of gross anyway.

The product itself is kind of sheer, as you would expect from the “Pop Water” name, but it’s fairly buildable and it’s a lot more pigmented than the YSL Tint-In-Oil.


It feels more like a gloss than a tint, so if you don’t like the feeling of having a product on your lips, this is totally not for you.  It isn’t transfer-proof, although it seems to transfer a lot less than I would have expected, and it almost never ends up on my teeth.

I love it enough that it’s likely that I’ll test out all the other colors – and if they look decent I’m willing to fork over the cash to buy them all.  I do wish there were more than eight of them – and like a number of lip products, I wish the reds were actually red.  The sales person I spoke to at Nordstrom’s assured me that these were selling really well, so maybe we’ll see more colors in the future, like a berry or a rust for fall.

The Pop Water Tints are available at Nordstrom stores or on, and they cost $36.

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