Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain v. Etude House Dear My Jelly Lips Talk

Let’s talk makeup.

I’m a simple girl, except when I’m not. (How’s that for a statement that’s a good example of itself?)  90% of the time, I’m looking for makeup that’s simple and easy to apply, that doesn’t make me look like I’ve doused myself in a gallon of paint.  So when I saw swatches of Etude House’s Dear My Jelly Lips Talk, I went “Bam! Perfect.  I can wear orange lipstick without looking like a clown!”  I found some on eBay, I think it was.  It’s been a while.

Here’s what the box looks like:

The front!
The back of the box is all in Korean…

Yay, things I can’t read!
…but there’s a bit on the side in English.

You can’t read this because my camera sucks. But it says  “You’re invited to the Sweet Cookie House with irresistible desserts and delicious colors.  *Etude House* Dear My Jelly Lips-talk.  This sheer-colored lipstick gives you irresistible jelly lips with its moist and shimmery finish. Recipe for Jelly Lips [Directions] 1. Clean Lip area. 2. Thoroughly apply moist and shimmery Dear My Jelly Lips-talk, starting from center of lips. 3. Sweet, juicy jelly lips complete!.  [Caution] 1. Use only as directed. 2. Avoid storing in high and low temperatures and areas exposed to direct sunlight. 3. Cease use if problems arise.
I have two shades, but this comparison is centered around JOR201. I like sheer lipstick – a lot.  It’s easy to wear at work, where I have to be fairly conservative, and let me tell you, now that Clinique’s Almost Lipstick has been discontinued in every shade but Black Honey, it’s HARD to find a sheer lipstick that doesn’t also have 80 pounds of freaking glitter in it.
Anyway.  When you open up the box, here’s what you get.
The little beads around the bottom tell you what color it is!
It looks a lot prettier when it’s new. What can I say, I’ve been using it for a while.

So.  This lipstick is exceptionally sheer. All it does is give a great orange tint without being overpowering or doing that weird lip-line-settle thing that a lot of ‘sheer’ lipsticks do.  So what’s the problem? Why am I even comparing this to anything else?

Well….. it’s got a wear last time of approximately thirty seconds. So that sucks.  I slap it on in the car on the way to work (yes, I am THAT person), and by the time I’ve gotten out of the car and into the office, it’s gone.  So what I’ve been looking for is something that looks the same, but that I can actually wear long enough for someone to see it on my face.
So that brings us to Revlon.  I was in Target, looking for something, and saw the display, and went “Hmm…. moisture stain? I bet if I sheer that out it would look nice…”, and here we are.

This color is 035 – Miami Fever.
Revlon’s ads for these stains say “Drench lips in glossy, wet color & creamy moisture with vitamin E & aloe”.  They also say that 88% of women thought this product wasn’t sticky.  That last part is a load of horse pucky.  Just FYI. It’s totally sticky.  Not in a gross way… but it’s the same as any gloss that’s pretending to be something else. (I’m looking at you, Dior Fluid Stick.)  One thing’s for sure – it doesn’t go on like a stain.
It has a doe foot applicator, which is fairly standard.

It doesn’t seem to pull out too much product at once, which is nice, although if you’re going for a sheer look like I am, you’ll have to be careful how you apply this.
The color is…well… at least it’s a little close to what I was looking for, although it’s a bit pinker.  But it’s still nice!  Here’s one swipe of each product on my hand.

Revlon on top, Etude House on the bottom.
As you can see (sort of?) the Etude House is significantly sheerer.  That’s okay, let’s blend it out and see how it looks then!

Holy pink all of a sudden, Batman!  It didn’t look THAT pink at full strength.

It’s still darker, but that’s much closer to where I was aiming than the first shot for sure. I’ll have to test the wear time on the Revlon, just to see how it does – but it’s not the color I want.

Oh well.  I guess my quest continues!

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