Review: Scinic Creamy Melting Lip Tint

One of the issues I sometimes have with particular lip product lines that I love is that they don’t come in all of the colors that I want – or they come in a ton of colors that just don’t particularly suit me.  And even if they do, I’m always on the hunt for something that’s just a little bit better, or a little bit more fun to use, or (bonus) a little less expensive.  So while I was looking for things to use in my K-drama lipstick comparison post a while back, I took note of the Scinic Creamy Melting Lip Tint. Since it came in some colors that I don’t really purchase normally (pink) I figured, why not give it a shot?

Each of the Creamy Melting Lip Tint colors is associated with one of the members of Girl’s Day, and their pictures and names appear on the boxes. (If you’re not a big K-pop fan, one of my favorite Girl’s Day songs is 기대해, or Expectation. ) The line itself contains 7 colors, from red to purple to orange but with more pinks than anything, and contains shea butter, honey, olive oil, and mango butter. They have a sweet, sort of artificial scent.

Two of the colors I was interested in happened to be associated with Hyeri, and one with Minah.


Here’s an arm swatch, since not everyone’s base lip color is the same.


Here is how they look on the lips:

Scinic Collage

As you can see, number 4 and number 6 are cooler colors better suited for skin tones with some pink in them, whereas number 7 is a warmer color that is more appropriate for folks with more yellow in their skin tones.



These products are click types – so you push a button on the bottom of the tube and the product pops up for you to use, a little at a time.  This is helpful if you tend to overapply, or if you’re worried about your lipstick getting all mashed up in your purse, although I’m pretty rough on my purse and I’ve never had anything like that actually happen.  One warning – you can’t put the product back down into the tube once it’s raised, so don’t get too excited about that click button! Another helpful feature is that the design on the outside of the tube is color-coded to match the color of the Creamy Melting Lip Tint inside, so you can easily identify which tube you want to use when you’re digging through your makeup pouch in the morning or before an event.  They are actually fairly distinguishable, even between similar colors – I can tell which tube is Vanilla Pink and which tube is Hot Pink just based on the different shades of the design, and I assume that would hold true even if I got the other pink shade that is available in the line.  That’s nice of Scinic to do, rather than just using one color to designate all the pinks and one for all the oranges, etc.


As I would expect for a product with all those moisturizing ingredients in the formula, the Scinic Creamy Melting Lip Tints go on really very smoothly.  You can easily apply a quick line around the inner part of your lips and blend outward for a natural gradient lip, or apply full on for a regular lip look. The down side to all those ingredients, though, is both that the product isn’t transfer-proof and that the wear time isn’t as long as it could be.  You can expect to get a good couple hours out of this if you aren’t eating or drinking – but if there’s a meal involved you’re going to have to reapply.  These do lightly stain.

You can find the Creamy Melting Lip Tints on TesterKorea for around $8 each.

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