The Review Process

So, what goes into a review on this website?

Firstly, I’m the only person that writes reviews on this blog, so everything that gets tested gets tested by me personally.  That may change later as I make internet friends, but for now, it’s all me.  I do my best in every review post to make a note of my skin tone and skin type and any other information that I think is relevant to how a product is going to function – but I can’t guarantee that things will perform on your skin the same way they will on mine.  If it worked that way we’d all have an easier time, and better skin!

Almost all of the products that I am testing and reviewing I have purchased myself. If I receive products to review from stores or companies or whatever, I will absolutely disclose that right at the beginning of the review.  I will do my best to review every product I test (oh man this project might take decades) – but that doesn’t mean that every product is going to get a whole post, or even a positive review.  I think it’s important that people know what doesn’t work for me as well as what does.  I don’t accept money for reviews.

When I test a new cosmetic or skincare product, I test it completely by itself – it is the only product in my routine that I change.  That way I can be sure that any results come from the specific product I’m testing.  How long I test it, and how often I use it, depends on the type of product itself.  If it’s a product designed for sporadic use (like spot treatments) then I’ll use it sporadically and see how it does;  if it’s something that is meant to be used every day, I will use it every day unless I have a bad reaction to it. I try to test products for three weeks or, in the case of sample sizes, until I run out.

I use my iPhone to take pictures.  Sometimes this results in photographs that look like I took them with a potato.  I’m sorry about that, guys – really I am.  But this blog is a labor of sheer cosmetic frippery love and the phone is the best I’ve got.  Other than promo pictures that come directly from the source (i.e., the company that makes the product itself), I try to take all the pictures on this blog myself.

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