Triple Unboxing: Pomegranate/Detox/Foot Boxes!

That’s right… another memebox post.  I purchased a value box set with these three boxes and it was delivered today by DHL.
Here’s the deal on Memebox, for those of you who are unfamiliar.
Memebox is a company that provides “mystery” boxes with Korean beauty and skincare products.  It’s not a subscription service, so you have to buy each box individually (and hope the one you want doesn’t sell out before you get to it).  They have three classes of boxes: Memeboxes, which have 4-8 full size or deluxe sample products; Luckyboxes, which are a kind of “best-of-the-best” box that have the most loved products in them from previous boxes; and Superboxes, which contain only full size products.

All three of these boxes were themed Superboxes – so everything in them is theoretically full size.

1. Pomegranate Box

A.  Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack

“This is a sleeping pack which works to deeply replenish the skin overnight for a refreshingly moist, supple skin condition the next morning.  It’s highly enriched with pomegranate extracts and oxygen bubbles which work to improve the skin elasticity. Enjoy an easy-to-do home aesthetics with what Innisfree has to offer!”
I really like Innisfree – I like the philosophy behind their products, and I like the few of their face masks I’ve tried (even that weird lemon-lime one that smells like Sprite).  I even really liked the smell of their Apple Juicy Oil Cleanser, even though it gives me zits. I’m excited to try this.

B. Chamos Acaci Pomegranate Anti-Wrinkle Cream

“This Pomegranate Anti-Wrinkle Cream is a multi-player that works to treat fine lines and wrinkles, facilitate skin regeneration, soothe irritated skin, and also to add more elasticity and firmness for a more youthful complexion.”
This is a kind of opaque pinky substance that’s halfway between a cream and a gel.  I tried a bit on the back of my hand and liked the effects – it doesn’t smell like crazy, did a good job moisturizing without being sticky afterwards, and made my skin feel nice and smooth.

C. Face Shop Pomegranate and Collagen Volume Lifting Essence

“”Enriched with pomegranate and collagen, this Volume Lifting Essence really works to add suppleness and volume to your face with its nutrition-rich and fast-absorbing formula.”
That sounds like an ad for hairspray.  Why do I want volume in my face?
In any case, this is a watery cream that smells very much like pomegranate.  It absorbs quickly but the smell lingers for a while.  It has a pH around 5, so it shouldn’t mess with your skin.

D. Face Shop Lovely Mix Mango Seed Lip Care in Pomegranate

“This is a stick-type balm rich in mango seed butter and pomegranate extracts, for delivering intensive moisture and nourishment to your dry, chapped lips. It’ll help maintain soft, supple lips all day long.”
Um…. so… it’s like a chapstick with a nice mango-y scent.  It doesn’t really leave a tint behind.  The end.

E. Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam – February Pomegranate and Berry

“Pomegranates have long been praised in the beauty world for its skin plumping formula that delivers deep hydration and brings back the natural glow. When your face looks dull and dry, go back to the basics with this Pomegranate foam cleanser and revive the vitality to your skin.”
This product’s pH is a whopping 10.  No thanks.  Why can’t they send me a cleanser that’s pH balanced for my face?  All the ones I’ve gotten and tested have been wildly inappropriate.

F. Etude House Scrub Massage Cream Pomegranate

“A wash-off type scrub for removing unnecessary residues from the skin, this scrub massage cream is enriched with pomegranate extracts for replenishing the skin, and its moist, bouncy texture and mild peeling capsules are extremely gentle as well.”
I always worry a little when I see facial scrubs just because so many of them are so abrasive that it can damage your skin (I’m looking at you, St. Ives apricot scrub) or have plastic bits in that are terrible for the environment.  So I’ll try this out – cautiously.
Total cost of products (according to memebox): $68 (which I think is kind of sad)
Cost of box: About $27.

2. Detox Box

A. LIKKE Detox Scalp Care Gel

“Detox and scrub away any excessive dead skin cells and dried-out skin with this soap berry-infused Scalp Care Gel from LIKKE. The gentle formula is anti-virus, anti-acne, all natural and works to maintain your scalp healthy and clean.”
You know, I never really anticipated getting a scalp care product in this box, but that kind of makes sense – think of all the crap lots of people put in their hair.  It’s like a clarifying product and a scalp treatment at the same time.  Nifty.

B. CNKCOS Special Day C Focus Essence

“This Special Day C Focus Essence contains 100% galactomyces ferments and vitamin C powder for maintaining your skin clean, clear, and supple.”
I like that they used the Oxford comma there.  That makes the grammar nerd in me really happy.
This product, according to the instructions, has powdered vitamin C stored in the cap and the ferments are in the bottle.  When you snap the top on the bottle the powder falls in and it all mixes together, and then it’s good for seven days.  (seven days…. seven days… aaaaaaaaahhhh….)
I could wish this was a product that would, you know, work for more than a week.  I have some OST Vit C serum coming from TesterKorea later on – I think I’ll use that before I combine these ingredients.  I don’t want to have two rapidly expiring products to deal with at the same time.

C. Borntree Lemon Tea Tree Black Head Nose Pack

“This powerful yet gentle lemon tea tree blackhead nose patch instantly dissolves blackheads and unclogs pores while tightening and cleansing. Use for optimal pore-purifying benefits for clear, healthy looking skin.”
Biore strips never worked for me, and I don’t think these will be particularly helpful either.

D.  Duft & Doft  Lime Detox Nourishing Hand Cream

“Enriched with shea butter and vitamin E this Lime Detox Nourishing Hand Cream will spread smoothly and absorb deeply into your skin. The fresh, citrus formula delivers replenishing and detoxifying effects with continuous use.”
My usual hand cream is from Crabtree and Evelyn (grapefruit and argan oil, if anyone cares), and it’s running out.  I like the scent of lime, so this can replace it.

E.  vicioni Pore Minimizing Detox Essence

“Made from vitamin-rich natural ingredients – rice bran, apple extracts, pineapple extracts, kiwi extracts, grape extracts, and wine extracts – this Detox Essence is your ultimate pore control serum! The carbonated water also included works to control any enlarged pores and excessive oil, maintaining the skin soft and silky. What’s interesting is that the texture of this essence isn’t that of a liquid serum. Instead, it spreads on quite thickly like an emulsion so that you can massage it onto the skin for a couple of minutes and experience what real home aesthetics can do for detoxifying your skin!”
They weren’t lying – this is thicker than your usual essence, by a lot. I’ll probably use it as a cream instead.  it’s got a strongish scent – kind of citrusy, kind of medicinal, kind of chemical – it’s hard to pin down.  It has a pH of 5.5.
D.  Secret Key Lemon D-Toc Peeling Gel
“An extremely gentle non-irritating peeling gel for treating enlarged pores, uneven and dull skin tone, and any unnecessary dead skin cells, the Lemon D-Toc Peeling Gel works to soothe and detoxify your skin by peeling away all excess residues puled up.”
Frankly, I think this product smells kind of gross.  It’s a gommage peel, like TonyMoly’s Green Appletox.
Total cost of products according to memebox: $88
Cost of box: About $27.

3. Foot Care Box

A. with shyan Sugar Remover

“This sugar remover is made with a sugar-like ceramic surface for effectively removing all dead skin and callus off your heels. If you’ve been troubling over hardened and splitting calluses on your feet, this is the perfect item for you!”
Awesome.  I will use this tonight even!

B. with shyan Women Powder

“Scented with a refreshing cherry blossom fragrance, the Women Powder is a powder for maintaining your feet silky smooth, oil-free, and smell-free. Plus, it’s easy to carry around in your pouch!”
I assume they mean purse.  I’m pretty sure I’m not a marsupial.
This is a very strongly scented powder, and it comes in a box with a sifter on top and an insanely soft little puff – so soft I was like “it is a waste to use this on my feet”.  The powder is a light pink, which makes me slightly concerned about any aftereffects its use might have on the insides of my shoes.  It’s very finely milled, though, so I think as long as I don’t go overboard there won’t be a problem.  I’ll try it out someday when my shoes aren’t expensive – like a day when I’m not at work.

C. with shyan Women Cream

“Enriched with more than 1500 mg of cherry blossom extracts, the Women Cream delivers intense hydration and nourishment to your feet and is especially recommended to be applied after having scrubbed your feet.”
This white, thickish cream smells just as strongly as the powder does – and the smell sticks around. I kind of like it.   I’ll have to try it on my feet later – I always wait to put on foot lotion until I won’t be walking around anymore, because I’m uncoordinated enough that if I try to walk on a wood floor with lotioned-up feet I’m going to slip and die.  I just can’t be trusted.

D. Petitfee  Dry Essence Foot Pack

“This Foot Pack contains thickly concentrated foot cream enriched with aloe vera extracts for deeply hydrating, nourishing, and softening the hardened calluses on your heels. It also works to treat roughened skin and damaged toe nails on your foot.”
It’s a face mask for my feet!  Woot woot.  I kind of wish this was a foot peeling mask instead though.

E.  koelf Peeling Balm

“A moisturizing balm for softening and smoothening out hardened calluses on your heels, knees, elbows, and wherever necessary.  This is especially effective and useful for women’s feet suffering from high heels.”
Haha, suffering from high heels.  I totally am.
Anyway, this is a thick white cream.  It’s got a very light scent that I can’t really identify. I tried it on my elbows (how do you get a callus on your elbow? I don’t know.  I just figured I’d try it).  It was definitely moisturizing.  We’ll see how it does on my feet, since I wear heels at work almost every day.

F. Lahabitat JJ Foot Cooling Foot Mist

“Made from chamomile water, lavender water, apple mint leaf extracts, and rosemary leaf water, this Foot Mist is exploding with moisture and a refreshing fragrance! It’ll work to cool, soothe, moisturize, and mitigate the unnecessary odor from your feet.”
(But it leaves the necessary odor alone.)
This bottle arrived almost totally encased in plastic.  Whoever packed this box was concerned about it.  The smell is very citrusy and herbal, but it doesn’t travel far – it sticks close to the skin and doesn’t linger too long.  The spray also absorbs really quickly.   I think this could be a really useful product, especially during the summer, if you walk a lot in shoes without socks.  I don’t know whether I’ll keep this at work, at home, or maybe just stick it in my purse.

G. Aromawiz Spa Aroma Salt

“Heal your body, mind, and soul with this natural aroma therapy bath salt made from sun-dried bay salt, organic essential oils, and various natural plant extracts!”
This was randomly selected from 5 potential scents – Relax, Happiness, Awake, Baby, and Sensual.  I got Happiness.  What is happiness? (Insert existential crisis here.)  I can’t read Hangul, and I don’t know Korean, but it smells a lot like grapefruit to me.  What bath salts (not that kind) are doing in a foot care box I don’t know, but I’m not really complaining.
Total cost of products according to memebox: $85.
Cost of box: about $27.

Final Thoughts:

I wasn’t really expecting that my favorite out of these three boxes would be the foot care, but it was.  There were a startling number of products that made me think “sure, I could totally use that, and I never would have thought to go buy it for myself, but now I’m happy I have it”, which I think is part of the fun of these mystery boxes.   Not that there weren’t some great products in the other boxes – but the foot care box did seem to have the highest success ratio.
I am noticing that the values of the products in these boxes don’t seem as high as they used to be.  I wonder why that is?  I was frankly a little disappointed to see so many inexpensive products in the pomegranate box – the scrub cream costs $1, the foam was $4, the lip balm was $7 (which I kind of find hard to believe but whatever), and the sleeping pack capsule was $2.  I really expected more than two of the products in the box to be things I couldn’t get at drugstore prices.  It does make me rethink how much money I’m willing to spend on memeboxes in the future.

6 Replies to “Triple Unboxing: Pomegranate/Detox/Foot Boxes!”

  1. Thanks for posting about these so quickly. I’m looking forward to receiving the Pomegranate box which is on its way to me right now. Looks like pretty low value but interesting products. Quite pleased I didn’t pay full price. I wonder now if the declining value of boxes is a natural result of the $15 and $10 codes that everybody was using in June/July. Memebox knew they wouldn’t be making as much money from these boxes, so the budget for the contents went down accordingly. Just a thought!

    • That does make a lot of sense – but it makes me wonder about the quality of future boxes as well. Now that they’ve got an affiliate program going (I think I signed up for it but I’m not sure whether I’m actually willing to use it yet – I’ve never been affiliated with anything like this before so I want to be careful) and they’re sending out more coupons/points than they did in the beginning, are we going to see more boxes with really low value products?

  2. I love the detox best of the 3 – I got all 3 yesterday as well. The foot care and pom are tied. I am also disappointed in the Pom box – I felt that Memebox was really getting a little stingy there with the innisfree & etude house scrub – there seems to be something lacking to make that box a WOW. I would have thought that they would have given 3 of those innisfree packs, 5 of the scrub and added a…..SkinFood Black Pomegranate item – like the face mask, which this box is lacking.

    That would have made the box a wow. I had such high hopes for the Pom box – I will use all of the items, but I didn’t get all excited over it as I did with the Aloe Vera or Free from Oil & Troubles 3.

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