Unboxing: Memebox Cleanse & Tone

“While impeccable Korean skin has been receiving lots of attention world-wide, it’s the notion that multi-step cleansing, toning, and prepping the skin prior to makeup application to achieve flawless skin that captured the hearts of many beauty junkies.  With this box, you’ll see that the mythical Korean cleansing routine is not actually a fable, and that the mysterious application techniques aren’t so mysterious after all. All products are gentle to use, even for the most sensitive skin types, to dissolve away even the most stubborn makeup!”

1. Banila Co. Clean It Zero Original & Resveratrol

“This makeup remover goes on as a sherbet-like balm and transforms into a silky oil that effortlessly dissolves makeup and sunscreen. Its non-greasy, gentle formula made from papaya, acerola, and herbal extracts cleanse thoroughly without dehydrating the skin.”


I love, hands-down, Banila’s Clean It Zero Original.  I’ve never used the resveratrol formula before, so that will be fun to try.  The original I’ll keep as a travel size, and use it to decant extra product into after I use it all up!  Good job, Memebox.

2. Enesti Yuzu Foaming Cleanser

“A foam cleanser made from mineral-rich hot spring water and packed with citron extracts and citron seed oil, this product thoroughly cleanses deep into your pores yet delivers rich moisture, leaving skin glowing with a natural translucence.”


I worry that a foaming cleanser will be too stripping to my skin during winter, so this may have to be relocated to someone who’s got skin made of sterner stuff (or who’s in a climate that is less ridiculous.)

3. A;T FOX Tea Tox Water Clear Tablet

“A tea bag for your cleansing routine! When the tablet melts in warm water, the pH level becomes 4.9, the optimal level for the skin, to give you the gentlest deep-down cleansing experience.  The green tea infused tablet will detox and deep clean the skin while also soothing irritated skin.”


This thing is tiny, and Memebox is only valuing it at $2.  It is a really nifty thing, though, and I like that they’ve provided an actual pH result for the product.  I will totally try this out – although I wish the instructions were a little clearer about how much water I should be dissolving this in.

4. Neogen Code9 Glucose Skin

“A lightweight toner for instantly hydrating and rejuvenating the skin in the very first step of skin care. Naturally fermented glucose complex deeply soothes, replenishes, and firms up dry, aging skin for a more youthful complexion.”


This product contains some of the following ingredients:

1. Lactobacillus – plum fermentation filtrate, fermented pomegranate extract, soybean fermentation filtrate, lotus seed fermentation filtrate – These products are all fairly high up on the list of ingredients – not at the bottom like you would see in products where the fermentation is really only there to add a popular gimmick.  I don’t have any scientific studies to quote here, but fermented products are present in quite a few popular products, including Missha’s First Treatment Essence and the SK-II Cellumination Cream, although you more commonly see Galactomyces ferment filtrate.

2. Adenosine – This amino acid has been shown in at least one study to be helpful in counteracting wrinkles, including crow’s feet.

3. Beta-glucan – This ingredient is an antioxidant that can be found in multiple places, including in oats. It can be absorbed quickly into the skin and has been shown to help along the reparative process of the skin.

I’m actually quite excited to try this out!

5. Mizon Cotton Shower Sheet Essence

“Cotton Shower Sheet Essence is a small pack-like sheet soaked in rich nutrients – spa water, shea butter, and witch hazel – and it can be used as a first step toning sheet or placed over dry patches as a smaller version of moisturizing sheet masks.”


Although this is the cleanse and tone box, I have been having a hard enough time this winter with dry skin that I might just use it as a tiny sheet mask substitute on the worst parts.  I’ve had good luck with Mizon products in the past, so this works for me.

6. Charmzone Ginkgo Natural Cleansing Tissue

“Easy to carry around, disposable cleansing tissues enriched with nutrients from one of nature’s oldest plant – ginkgo tree. Its nature-friendly formula is gentle to all skin types and it effectively wipes away all traces of makeup residues and skin impurities.”


I feel like “easy to carry around” belongs in the pouch essentials box, not in this one, but it’s a cleansing suitcase so whatever.  I’ve gotten a few packets of this type of product from Memebox, and I do use them, so I won’t complain, but this is not really a product I’m thrilled was included.


All in all, this was the best of the three boxes that I received today, and the only one that I’m happy I purchased.

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