Unboxing: Memebox Makeup Edition 3

Although I’ve enjoyed the K-Pop boxes that I’ve purchased from Memeboxes, and they have occasionally sent me cosmetic products that worked well for me, there have been quite a few more misses than hits.  This box, unfortunately, is no exception.

“If you’re like us, your makeup bag is most likely overflowing with old mascara, cracked eyeshadows, dry lipsticks…and a long list of stuff that should have been thrown out last month. Updating your look doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Give your makeup stand a good cleaning, and fill it up with the best K-Beauty makeup products of 2014! This box is brimming with top quality skin perfecters, eye makeup essentials, lip loves, and much, much more!”

1. Color World Double Cover Concealer

“A dual concealer with a rounder stick type on one end and a finer tip pencil type on another, each catered to cover up smaller and larger skin imperfections.  Its creamy, soft touch applies smoothly over skin, blending well with base makeup with high coverage.”


It is unreal how many concealers I have, but I like the gimmick – a special end for small spot concealing, and a larger end for wider areas like the under eye. I received this product in Light Beige, and it’s a little pink and a little dark for my skin tone.

2. Dr. MJ Real Mucin Restore Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++

“Normal cushion BBs, when applied multiple times over and over, usually end up ruining the initial dewy look that you started with in the morning.  However, Dr. MJ Real Mucin Restore Cushion is closer to a skin care formula than a simple BB, because it’s packed with rich nutrients from snail filtrates and various moisturizing agents for adding more radiance and glow to the skin with multiple applications.  Free of paraben, mineral oil, benzophenone, talc, and alcohol.”


I’m starting to really get into the cushion foundation thing.  I’ve always hated foundation, since I don’t like the feeling of having stuff on my face, and I find that the lighter coverage and application of BB cushions really cuts down on that.  I hope this matches my skin tone!  I won’t be able to get a good sense of whether it does until I can try it on in natural light.

3. Shara Shara Skin Light-Up 02 Gold Beam

“A creamy stick type highlighter for adding 3D definition and radiance to any makeup look.  The hologram pearl-infused formula glides smoothly onto skin with a moist touch but then leaves a silky, powdery finish.  It also comes with an attached blending sponge on the other end.”


I have SO MANY highlighters right now that, even if this product were theoretically awesome, there is no way I’d be able to use up my other highlighters before this expired.  It will have to find a happy home elsewhere.

4. Shara Shara Tinted Style Lip Gloss Shimmering Sunset Coral

“A sheer, lovely coral color that could be used as both a lip tint and a lip gloss. It melts onto lips to instantly replenish while creating a tinted oil barrier over lips – thus a long-lasting shine and gloss.”


I am not a fan of lip glosses – I find them too sticky and uncomfortable to wear. This will also have to be re-homed.

5.  Shara Shara Drawing Brush Liner

“A brush type liner in natural black, this Drawing Brush Liner is perfect for any look from daily natural makeup all the way to smoky makeup.  The soft brush tip easily glides onto lids and create sophisticated, deeper-looking eyes in just 10 seconds.”


This is really basic makeup.  I’ve already got a brush liner I’m content with – I don’t need another.


Is it just me, or are Memebox’s cosmetic boxes all becoming exactly the same? A concealer, a foundation product, a liner, a lip product, and something shimmery or glittery, all in very basic colors.  Nothing really bright or creative or inspiring – just the same thing over and over.  Where are the colors? The weird textures? The adorable packaging?  Not here. I think I’m just going to stop buying these boxes.

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