Unboxing: Memebox Tea Tree Cosmetics

“If you’re prone to blemishes, oily skin, and skin’s biggest nemesis, blackheads, this Tea Tree Cosmetics Box will surely save you from your troubled skin woes! Tea tree ingredients, known for their topical antiseptic and anti-fungal properties, are the “jack of all trades” when it comes to targeting and treating blemish prone skin.  it also reduces the oil and sebum secretion on skin for the look of healthy and radiant skin, minus the embarrassing shine! Get this box to regenerate damaged skin tissue and improve the skin’s healing process for the look of clearer, and brighter skin.”

Now, when I ordered this box, I saw the title “Tea Tree Cosmetics”, and I looked at the description, and I thought “Man, cosmetics infused with tea tree? Awesome!” – only this isn’t a box of cosmetics with tea tree essence.  It’s a box of skincare with tea tree ingredients.  I was almost irrationally grumpy about it before I looked through the box and realized that either way it was curated in a way that I really enjoy.  Let’s open it up!

1. Shara Shara Bee Tox Spot Cream


“A concentrated blend of bee venom, white willow bark extracts, and 6 varieties of herbal extracts for relieving, clarifying and controlling blemish spots and excessive oil & sebum on acne-prone skin.”

I have yet to find a spot treatment that I’m really impressed with – I occasionally use the Ciracle Red Spot Cream, but it leaves a really obvious white patch wherever you put it, so this is a welcome addition to my testing schedule. Here’s a tiny chunk of product: IMG_0498

it blends out easily and looks really shiny for a moment, then dries matte.  I’ll be glad for something I can try to wear during the day!

2. DD’ell Moisture Facial Mask – Tea Tree


“Formulated with abundant tea tree extracts, tea tree oil, green tea extracts, deep ocean water, allantoin, and orange peel extracts, this Moisture Facial Mask instantly cools, hydrates, and alleviates blemishes and stimulated skin.”

This mask pack is HUGE. Awkwardly large. It is literally the size of my outspread hands – and I have freakishly long fingers. I’m not sure why it’s packaged this way, but I almost never say no to sheet masks.

3. Purederm Tea Tree Pore Freshener


“This Tea Tree Pore Freshener is enriched with tea tree extracts, witch hazel water, sage extracts, lemon balm extracts, and peppermint extracts. When used on a cotton pad to tone skin after cleansing, it helps soothe and de-stress stimulated skin and maintain a healthy skin condition by controlling makeup residues, dirt, and impurities clogged up in the pores.”

This is actually a pump bottle – with a cup-shaped pump so you can pump product directly up into a cotton ball.  It’s a very watery toner, with a strong herbal scent. It doesn’t absorb as quickly as some toners and may sting a little on dry, sensitive skin.

4. Tosowoong Tea Tree AC-Control Soothing Lotion


“65% tea tree leaf water and 3% tea tree extracts, the Tosowoong Tea Tree AC-Control Soothing Lotion effectively alleviates red, stimulated skin while treating acne-prone skin overall for a healthier, cleaner complexion.  The gentle formula also helps firm up and fill in fine lines & wrinkles.”

One of the things I like quite about about this product is that the bottle doesn’t pump out too much product at once.  This lotion isn’t super thick, and blends easily and absorbs fairly quickly.  IMG_0494IMG_0494


Although it doesn’t say it on the card, this also contains galactomyces ferment.  I have trouble finding a cream that doesn’t over hydrate my skin and break me out.  This will definitely go on my testing rotation!

5. ProYou Tea Tree Oil


“A bottle of pure tea tree oil targeted to care for blemished skin.  it has soothing and antibacterial properties which help treat red spots effectively without drying out the skin.”

I’ve never used pure tea tree oil on my skin – I’ve always kind of worried that it would dry my skin out or burn or something. I wouldn’t have been likely to spend any money on pure tea tree oil for myself, but I’m certainly not saying no!

6. Purederm Tea Tree Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes


“Make-up removing towelettes soaked in tea tree extracts, Vitamin E, green tea extracts, and aloe vera extracts to effectively calm and comfort the skin while gently removing all stubborn lip and eye makeup residues in one easy go.”

I seriously doubt that these will remove Clio’s Kill Black eyeliner and the Kiss Me Heroine Make mascara, but I think it’ll be serviceable for everything else, and it’ll be great post-workout, which is when I usually use a similar product from Neutrogena.  I’ll add these into my rotation right away!


Despite my initial confusion over the strange title of this box, there isn’t a single product in here that I won’t use.  This is, in my opinion, a GREAT box, and it was totally worth the money.

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